Plants are created by planting seeds. In order to be restored, each planet needs to have a certain number of mature plants planted. After planting a seed, the plant will start as a sprout, and needs to be fully planted by crouching over it before it will grow. Once it is fully planted, the plant will grow on its own, once immediately and once after a period of time. After the second growth, it is fully mature and will yield a random number of seeds, between 1 and 6.

There are many varieties of plants, most only differing in appearance. There are two plants which are exceptions to this and have their own special rules. Bamboo never yields any seeds. Planting your last seed will never result in a bamboo plant. Carnivorous plants will spit projectiles at the player until they are killed. Once killed, the carnivorous plants will leave behind a thorny stem which damages the player on contact. This stem can be removed by either opening the chest that appears after completely restoring the planet, or by using an Ultranova. Note that an Ultranova will also destroy structures the player has built, while opening the chest will not. The stem can also be removed by the Illumina Sword.