You find yourself on a barren planet, with nothing but a space helmet, a pea shooter, and a single seed. Plant your seed to begin the process of revitalizing the galaxy, while defending yourself from hostile aliens that signal the approach of the Cataclysm.

Controls Edit

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Movement: A, D
  • Jump, Jetpack: W, Mouse 2
  • Fire weapon: Mouse 1
  • Action/Interact: S
  • Option Select: Mouse 1
  • Hide/Show Map: Tab


HUD Edit

  • Planets: The number of planets you have fully restored.
  • Map: Displays planets you have discovered in red, and planets you have restored in green. Once you have the map upgrade, all planets are displayed in red until they are restored.
  • Compass: Points the direction to the planet Greezo, where you can find the Bearded One.
  • Health Bar: If this is fully empty, the game is over.
  • Jetpack Fuel: Used to power the jetpack and fly through space. It gradually refills while not being used, and refills more quickly when standing on a planet.
  • Seeds, Ultranovas, Bricks, and Crystals: Shows how many of each you have.
  • Score: Total score for this game

Menu Edit

  • How To Play: Displays controls
  • Fullscreen: Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Camera Spin: Tight keeps you always standing upright. Loose will keep you mostly upright, but only re-centers if you move substantially. Off will keep the view oriented the same direction regardless of which direction you are facing.
  • HUD: Normal is displayed mostly opaque. Faded is more transparent. No HUD hides it entirely. When No HUD is set, the planets on the map are hidden, but the map frame and character position are still displayed.
  • Sound Volume: 10 volume settings or Off
  • Music Volume: 10 volume settings or Off
  • Control Mode: Keyboard and Mouse, or Gamepad
  • Back to Game: Close the menu
  • End Game (Die): Exit the current game. You cannot save and quit, so this will lose all progress from the current game. Click and hold until the background fills completely to confirm.

Action Menu Edit